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How much are pet bottles sold per KG?

Price is not fixed. It varies based on location and recyclers.

Can I schedule one pickup request for more than one waste category, like cans and PET Bottles?

Do we operate outside Lagos?

What’s the least number of bags one can have before requesting a pickup?

Minimum KG that can be picked?

How much do I need to have in my wallet to request a payout?

What is the purpose of the community chat in the app?

How do I reach support quickly, if I have complaints or enquiries?

Can I connect with the recycler who accepts my pickup?

What are prices of all recyclables per KG?

What type of recyclable products are picked up, on the Pakam App?

Do we charge for pickups?

Is it only Drink cans we pick up or all other types of cans?

Do you accept waste like microwaves, washing machines and pumping machines?

How do I register on the app and setup a new schedule?

Can I bring my recyclable waste myself instead of waiting for pickup?

I'm not receiving OTPs on my account. What could be the issue?

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